About us

OKWineBar Restaurant / Winery / Wine Shop

We are pleased to present OKWineBar in the new venue, slightly off the Rynek, between two bridges (Między Mostami), by the yacht harbor.

OKWineBar is the brand for The Restaurant, The Wine Bar and The Wine Shop.

OKWineBar is owned and operated by Katarzyna Obara – journalist, TV presenter, restaurateur and wine connoisseur. She had created a place with a unique interior and unusual atmosphere, where good food meets perfect wine.

We’re open every day until 10:00 pm.

Open Kitchen concept – full transparency

Our chefs cook in the view of diners. Kitchen clattering, meat portioning, shrimps cleaning, flames, steaming pots and pans has become part of dinning out. It is an ideal opportunity to unveile the cooking backstage to curious guests while waiting for ordered meals.

OKWineBar is a place where good food meets perfect wine.

We are proud that amateurs of good cuisine, listing the best restaurants in Wrocław, compliment OKWineBar and emphasize the unique atmosphere of the place.

The philosophy of Chef

With the open kitchen concept he follows the trend of transparency and “nothing to hide” from customers. The menu creation process is inspired by European cuisine, mainly French with a dash of Asian and a pinch of modern Polish cooking.

The short, compelling and unique menu encourages him to prepare for you “daily specials” based on fresh ingredients available on the market.

He agreed to run one of the few spots where from Thursday to Saturday the kitchen serves out meals till 11:00 PM

Winery – the pride of our Sommelier

OKWineBar is a place that offers the largest selection of wines in Wroclaw.

More than 2,000 bottles represents the most important and recognized wine regions of the world, from the obvious: France, Italy and Spain to Lebanon, Georgia, Canada or Syria. We also offer wines from the emerging Polish winery market.

On request we organize wine tasting events of wines from any region of the world. These very often are part of team building or employee incentive programs funded by employers.

The Wine Shop – unusual solution

Every single bottle of wine chosen to accompany your meal in the restaurant may be bought to enlarge your private collection in your home wine cellar.

On the shop shelves you will find a large variety of labels from around the world, that perfectly prove themselves as an always well appreciated gift.

If you purchase over a dozen, you will get a discount and we can offer to deliver the bottles to the address indicated (in Wroclaw).

Lounge – private events, business dinners, group dining with friends

Equipped with high class device that allows participants to view what is presented and discussed over a working lunch or dinner.

You may move out of dull conference rooms to a far less formal place but still have the privacy.

This lounge allows us to organize private business meeting or family gatherings for up to 22 people.

Our Staff is discreet, professional and open to the needs of our guests.

Terrace – the unique spot in Wroclaw

A spacious terrace with a view of the Odra River and the yacht harbor and 48 chairs, is the perfect place for lazy wine and food tasting or business discussions in the open air with a glass of wine or cognac.

We have a delicious menu that perfectly combines international cuisine with our finest selection of wine, Champagne, Cognac and Whisky.

What make us stand out

OKWineBar special offer

Picnic on the boat

On special request, we charter boats equipping you with a picnic basket full of delicacies and a bottle of chilled bubbles.


We organize workshops and wine tastings, as well as dinners (up to 50 people), banquets and parties (up to 150 people).

Wine & food pairing

We have a menu that perfectly combines international cuisine with our wine, Champagne, Cognac and Whisky offer.

What else can we do for you?

  • Upon request our staff will shorten your waiting time to a minimum.
  • Children can paint at our children’s drawing table.
  • We speak English.


See you at OKWineBar