More than a restaurant...


Restaurant by the Odra River – OKWineBar is a unique combination of a restaurant, a winery and a wine shop. It’s a place where the wines of the world meet original cuisine.


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The OKWineBar

The OKWineBar is a special place in Wroclaw that is situated on the edges of the Oder River. It is the brand for The Restaurant, The Wine Bar and The Wine Shop.

OKWineBar is owned and operated by Katarzyna Obara – journalist, TV presenter, restaurateur and wine connoisseur. She had created a place with a unique interior and  an unusual atmosphere, where good food meets perfect wine.


Fresh ingredients, seasonal dishes

The menu creation process is inspired by European cuisine, mainly French with a dash of Asian and a pinch of modern Polish cooking. The short, compelling and unique menu encourages our chefs to prepare for you “daily specials” based on fresh ingredients available on the market.


Exquisite wines, not only for connoisseurs

A spacious terrace, a picturesque river, a bustling port marina and a glass of fine wine – this is our recipe for an unforgettable moment of relaxation. Over 2,000 bottles from the best regions from France, Italy and Spain to Lebanon, Georgia, Canada and Syria. If you are looking for a fresh flavors you can also taste wines from Polish vineyards.

Red wines

The red wines are mainly served with dark meat, venison meat as well as different types of cheese. At OKWineBar, you will find several dozen of bottled red wines that are produced in different regions of Europe as well as the world.

White wines

At OKWineBar, the customers can find plenty types of white wines that match perfectly the dishes that are served in the restaurant . WThey are perfect both as an aperitif and an addition to light dishes like fish, poultry or seafood.

Sparkling wines

OKWineBar offers numerous sparkling wines that match the dishes that are served at the restaurant perfectly. The sparkling wines come from different corners of the world and they are selected carefully by our wine expert.

Rose wines

Pink wines are made from red grape varieties. They are known for their light and fresh taste. They are an ideal proposition for hot summer evenings. They are also perfect as a base for refreshing cocktails.

Sweet wines

This wines are a characteristic category that stands out above all because of its sweet taste. This aromatic drink will successfully replace an elegant dessert. They are also a perfect match for cakes, fruits and nuts.


OKWineBar provides also a wide range of spirits. Our guests can order numerous types of alcoholic beverages such as: Whisky, Burbon, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Cognac, Grappa, Gin, Liquer and Herbal Spirits.

Wine shop

More than a winery…

The OKWineBar wine shop is what distinguishes us from other wineries. Each wine drank during a meal in the restaurant may accompany you to your home wine cellar. On the shop shelves you will find a large variety of labels that perfectly prove themselves as an always well appreciated gift.


O restauracji OKWineBar

Jest kilka dobrych restauracji w naszym Wrocławiu. Jednak tutaj jedząc na tarasie z przepięknym widokiem lub jedynie sącząc wino mam wrażenie, że jestem w tej najlepszej. Wracam najmniej raz w tygodniu, bo zawsze czymś mnie zaskoczą.


Wątpiłam, że mnie zaskoczą. A jednak. Restauracje! Trzymajcie fason. Macie nową konkurencję.

Magda B.

Aranżacja na 5 z plusem. Takiej restauracji we Wrocławiu jeszcze nie było. To Hamptons w naszym mieście!!!


Dobre miejsce, jakich wiele we Wrocławiu. Ale wyróżnia się i trzeba trzymać kciuki, aby w nowej lokalizacji odnieśli sukces.

Katarzyna W.

We Wrocławiu to teraz prawdopodobnie najlepsze miejsce na lunch. Szybko, smacznie i cena za trzy dania jest rozsądna. W moje ocenie ta restauracja złamała stereotyp lokalizacji we Wrocławiu. Nad rzeką, z zacienionym tarasem. Pełne uznanie.

Jacek z Krakowa

Miejsce ekstra. Dobra kuchnia. Aż szkoda, że z Legnicy do Wrocławia trudno na kolację do tej restauracji wyskoczyć



Dziewczyny! Kiedy przeniesiecie swoją restaurację z Wrocławia do Katowic? A może franczyza Waszego konceptu? Najlepsze pomysły powinny pączkować.


See you at OKWineBar

Wirtual walk

We invite all the guests who want to eat well, meet friends, relax with a glass of fine wine or plan a special event in an unusual setting. The picturesque yacht marina with a lazy river and beautiful buildings in the background – all of this creates the unique atmosphere of the OKWineBar restaurant. Here awaits you a spacious terrace with a view of the Oder River, a wine bar with the largest selection of wines in the city and a shop where you can equip a home cellar with our best wines.