White wines

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Najlepsze białe wina we Wrocławiu

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OKWineBar offers wines from around the world

Wrocław deserves a place where you can drink a good white wine - it is OKWineBar

we invite you to our restaurant not only for a tasty meal, but also for good white wine

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Valued for their huge spread of flavors, varieties and aromas, white wines are an offer that brings freshness and variety

OKWineBar is the largest selection of white wines and more, in Wrocław

A large selection of white wines

At OKWineBar, the customers can find plenty types of white wines that match perfectly the dishes that are served in the restaurant, especially fish, poultry, seafood as well as salads. There are available wines that are manufactured in Poland as well as in other countries. The wines are sold in a 750ml size bottles and their prices start from 60PLN. Some examples of the wines are Adoria Chardonnay from Poland, Laubenstein Riesling Classic from Germany and Tokaji from Hungary.