Sweet & Rose wines

OK WiNE Bar Winery

A little bit of sweetness

The wine is an alcoholic beverage that can be served with every meal, including tea. At OKWineBar, the customers may try sweet wines that are served with cakes and various types of desserts. The sweet wines match also perfectly fruits and nuts.

Wine list

Sweet wines

Sauternes Château Roumieu (375 ml) - 230 zł

Francja/ France, Bordeaux

Icewine W. Gmeinbock (375 ml) - 395 zł

Austria/ Weinviertel

Late Harvest Familia Bianchi (375 ml) - 145 zł
Argentyna/ Argentina, Mendoza
Passito aur Traminer Ronco del Gelso (375 ml) - 290 zł

Włochy/Italy, Piemont/ Piedmont

Moscato d'Asti Batasiolo Bosc dla Rei - 215 zł
Włochy/ Italy, Piemont/ Piedmont
Pedro Ximenez 1927 DO Alvear - 240 zł

Hiszpania/ Spain, Montilla Moriles

Rose wines

750 ml

Winnica Płochockich Rose - 120 zł
Polska/ Poland, Sandomierz (Marechal Foch, Bolero)
Rosé Whispering Angel Château d'Esclans - 299 zł

Francja/ France, Côtes de Provance (Grenache, Cinsault, Rolle)

Rosé Château Miraval - 349 zł

Francja/ France, Côtes de Provance (Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Rolle)